Ishwar Chetti

Chrome on Android to Get Sharing Menu


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Based on the recently spotted experimental flags in the Chrome browser, the dedicated sharing menu from the Canary version will soon come to the main app. The new sharing interface promises to be much more convenient and to add multiple new features to the popular browser. However, changes will be accessible only for Android users.

Positive Change

The first noticeable change is the brand new UI of the sharing menu. The latest version doesn’t have a bulky pull-tab, and the full window doesn’t take more than a third of the display. The current version still takes the full screen but contains fewer features.

As for the new options, Google will add a QR-code generator and a screenshot tool. The first will let you create and scan QR-codes that contain web pages. The second is designed to simplify making screenshots in the browser and includes cropping and scaling tools.

When To Wait

The exact date of the update is still unavailable. A flag for one of the new features can already be found in the current version of Chrome. It means that the update may come in February. Do you wait for the sharing menu update as much as we do? Join the conversation in the comments!