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Top 2020 Tetris Alternatives to Play Today


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Fans of Tetris games have been put on notice as Electronic Arts (EA) plans to discontinue its support on April 21, 2020. Players had received this news through a pop-up notification when they opened the game. The notice tells them about the planned date of Tetris discontinuation — the game will not be playable after a certain date regardless of the latest downloads and purchases.

Tetris and Tetris Blitz had earned solid reputations as amazing spins of the classic blockbuster puzzler. Fortunately for Tetris fans, there are numerous Tetris alternatives. We have rounded up some of the best Tetris lookalikes.

Classic Blocks

Classic Blocks screenshot

Classic Blocks from Herofight Games really satisfies your cravings for “Tetris.” With responsive and crisp controls, players are being challenged to try beating their previous best scores. We wish the developer could add more colors and allow players to see the other upcoming blocks. The game is free to play on Google Play Store, but the paid version is ad-free. 

The simple and enjoyable Classic Blocks is a close remake of EA’s Tetris. With three game modes-Classic, Time, and Manual, the game has five operate buttons for smooth play. You can play the famous blocks game in B&W style in classic mode with endless fun. The time mode will not let you relax, and you need to clear many lines to achieve the highest score in three minutes. If you love these adrenaline rushes, then switch to manual mode and set the drop and attack speed as you desire. You can select the style of the blocks from Classic and Retro. The app even allows you to listen to other music services while playing it.

The New Tetris App

The New Tetris App screenshot

N3twork is ready to fill in the gap with the new Tetris app for iOS and Android platforms after EA decided to kill its popular puzzle game. The developer has released the officially licensed version of the game; it’s free to play version is available for fans to download on both stores. Unlike the Tetris Royale app consisting of 100 players, the new game is extremely basic. Starting with the very foundation of the incredible Tetris game with a solo gameplay mode, N3twork plans to offer much more to Tetris fans.

The new app has a single Classic mode with a few alternative skins. The free version contains ads, and you can get the ad-free version with a single-time purchase of $4.99. N3twork had earlier announced that it was working with the Tetris Company, after the acquisition of the game’s license, to release the iconic Tetris Royale with a 100-player battle mode. The new version will be finished in 2020, we hope to play the new battle royale soon.

Block Puzzle Classic Plus

Block Puzzle Classic Plus screenshot

Tetris fans, the free to play Block Puzzle Classic Plus can be your new pleasurable game. Published by Android developer Free Classic Puzzle Game, this game on our list is microtransactions free features. What else to like- it is exciting, fun, addicting, and easier to play mindlessly with no time limits. We liked the ability to set your desired pace as players will compete against themselves, it is strategic, challenging and calming at the same time. 

We recommend introducing a continuous pieces flow, ability to rotate pieces, and a smaller board to accommodate more squares.

Considering the game is competing against the hugely popular Tetris, it boasts a few interesting features. The game has easy controls and rules, and players can save and reload previously played games. The sound effects are funny and relaxing, and the colorful graphics make it visually appealing. 

Brick Classic - Brick Game

Brick Classic - Brick Game screenshot

Want to be the best brick breaker? Brick Classic-Brick Game embraces our common yearning. We are sure that after playing it, you will come back for more. This tile-matching puzzle retains the classic Tetris gameplay mechanics, and anyone can play it without any efforts. Simply read the starting guide of this Tetris Chess clone and start playing it. Take your time to strategize your next move for attacking horizontally or vertically. The absence of timer between moves makes it very relaxing; you can also pause/save it to play it some other time. We loved the fabulous effects, sound, graphics, speed levels and the absence of ads.

In this game, the bricks are shaped like tetrominoes composed of four or more square blocks of various geometric shapes. There are several shapes such as I, T, Z, J, O, and L bricks, and you must clear the rows as quickly as you can. With a different level than the typical Classic Bricks game, players will continue for a long time for the new pieces being fed to them.

Puyo Puyo Tetris

Puyo Puyo Tetris screenshot

It is a video game mashup from the two juggernauts puzzle games: Tetris, one of the highly recognized and largest selling maker of addictive brain-teasing games, and Puyo Puyo from Sega. The game features a variety of single and multiplayer options with distinct rules and game mechanics. Puyo Puyo Tetris has a bizarre story mode with garrulous anime-style characters, but you can always skip these sequences containing absurd amounts of dialogues. The story mode is lengthy and has ten unique acts with ten games each to familiarize players with the two game styles, before assimilating them finally. Players can also choose to jump into other modes, for instance, newcomers to any franchise can play the lesson mode to see the wide array of elements of the game, or select single-player Adventure or Challenge modes.

Apart from the Puyo/Tetris variety, you can unlock new characters, backgrounds, skins and more from the in-game shop. You can also try your puzzle skills online on a global scale by playing multiplayer modes in Puzzle Leagues. Alternatively, you can play single player challenges or Solo Arcade to try any multiplayer modes against AI. Puyo Puyo Tetris is a portable game, we recommend it as an ideal game on the Switch.

The Legacy of Tetris Lives On

These games are arguably the best alternatives to Tetris. Every game featured here is nicely designed, offers great versatility, and lets you play on the go. Let us know in the comments section which of the game is the groundbreaking iteration of Tetris for you.