Ishwar Chetti

5 Best Screen Mirroring Apps For Android


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We live in a world where technology surrounds us practically everywhere. From movie theatres to malls, we use the latest technology in almost every aspect of our lives. One of the most common tools to sample this technology is our smartphone or tablet, but these devices are not just limited to taking/making calls, shopping online, and playing games. In fact, they can do so much more - like screen mirroring. Exactly what it sounds like, screen mirroring puts your mobile screen onto other screens like your PC or TV - or vice versa so that you can enjoy your content on a larger area. Let's take a look at 5 of the best screen mirroring apps available today.

1. Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop screenshot Google Chrome is probably one of the most used internet browsers in the world right now, so the company knew they were heading in the right direction by releasing a mirroring app for the same. Unlike traditional mirroring apps, the Google Chrome Remote works in the complete opposite way. So, instead of casting your content onto a larger screen, your PC screen is mirrored onto your phone or tablet. It basically acts like a remote for your desktop, so you don't have to rush home to gain access to the letter you wrote on Word. The app should work with any desktop that runs the Google Chrome browser - plus it's absolutely free to use.

2. Google Home

GoogleHome app screen Another one from Google, the Google Home app is an all-in-one tool that helps you control all your Google devices around your home. Screen mirroring is just a bonus to the already impressive app. It is one of the best apps to use when casting the content of your mobile phone or tablet onto your TV, but requires a Chromecast device for it. The app is free and there are no ads or in-app purchases that you need to worry about.

3. Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft Remote Desktop screenshot The Microsoft Remote Desktop app is remarkably similar to the Google Remote Desktop one and brings practically the exact same features. For example, it mirrors your desktop screen right on your smartphone or tablet so you can control your PC from anywhere. The app is compatible with Windows Server as well as Professional editions and brings excellent video and sound streaming quality. Needless to say, the app is free to download and has no in-app purchases or ads that come with it. For Windows users, the Microsoft Remote Desktop app is a useful tool.

4. TeamViewer

TeamViewer screenshot One of the latest, but most popular mirroring apps out there is TeamViewer. The tool is majorly used for diagnostic purposes that help users interact quicker and more efficiently. The apps lets you gain access to connected desktops as well as phones and tablets. Some of the standout features of the app include HD quality video and audio, 24-bit secure AES encryption, transferring content from both connected devices, and all-round support on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is free to use for individuals, but business use requires payment.

5. Native Smartphone and Smart TV Mirroring

Native Smartphone and Smart TV Mirroring screenshot Today, most smartphones already come with a built-in cast feature that can only be used on devices that support Chromecast or Miracast. You don't even need an extra app to mirror your phone/tablet screen - just ensure that your smart TV comes with a smart dongle support and the rest is up to your mobile device. Not only is this easier and faster, but it far more efficient as well. So, as long as you have the right equipment, you don't need the extra app for screen mirroring.