Ishwar Chetti

Android Oreo To Downgrade Unused Apps To Free Your Storage Space


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The recently launched operating system – Oreo 8.1 – by the IT giant Google seems to have memory saving function which will cater even to the low storage devices. This storage saving functionality of the OS came in limelight in the Android Open Source Project Framework wherein it was also highlighted that how this version of Android OS will downgrade the unused app in order to make some room for the system upgrades.

So, How This Feature Will Work?

It’s natural to wonder how Android Oreo will get to know what all applications are unused. In fact, the process is not that complicated as it seems. The OS will keep a track of how often every app is used and what are those apps that haven’t been used in “ABC” amount of time. Android Oreo will mark the latter category of the applications and prepare them for the downgrade in case the system is running out of space for an upgrade. Apparently, whenever there would be a downgrade of an app, it would be all about clearing its cache. This is just the data which is created for a short time so as to ensure the smooth running of the application. However, having mentioned that, the size of cache could go as high as several megabytes. Thus, clearing cache from time to time is essential. Also, when the OS will do this task automatically, it will have a unique impact on every device (as the cache size of different apps is different for everyone). Indeed, this feature will be really useful for those who carry a smartphone with not that huge storage space and are most likely to get the update of Oreo. Many favors this assumption that OEMs will have to enable this feature manually. Thus, this indicates that are certain phones which may never see this feature.

To Sum Up

Many owners of low storage Android smartphones have to compromise time and again when there is a new system upgrade. But not anymore! With this amazing feature, even the low storage phones can rejoice the first wave of Android Oreo update seamlessly.