AndroidGo magazine is on sale!

    Gary Marshall |Oct 26 |35 views

    The new issue of AndroidGo magazine is on sale now! You can order a digital edition for tablets, smartphones, PocketMags and Kobo e-readers. Flick through our gallery above to see some of the highl...

    notification bar

    How to Tame Down Android Notifications If They Are Too Annoying

    root |Dec 20 |334 views

    It’s great that today’s operating systems squeeze the most out of the notification feature. From basic incoming calls and messages to the sophisticated calendar and reminder apps, they can help...

    whatsapp icon

    WhatsApp to Drop Old Android Devices By February 1, 2020

    root |Dec 12 |370 views

    If you’re still with the smartphone you have loved and bought in some 2012, WhatsApp brings bad news for you. Your Android phone that until recently remained “old but not obsolete” now may go...

    qualcomm logo

    Qualcomm Lets Users Update Adreno 650 GPU Drivers via App Stores

    Alberto M. Sato |Dec 04 |383 views

    While Qualcomm has officially confirmed its Snapdragon 865, the update brings us more than just a new number, the new Cortex-A77 cores, and a 20% upgraded performance. The new GPU named Adreno 650 ...

    android apps

    Best Android Apps 2019

    Gary Marshall |Nov 30 |234 views

    Google may have its own opinion about the best apps that hit its Play Store in 2019, and it has exposed it in its Awards. Yet all these new, innovative, and, of course, great apps can’t embrace a...

    fortnite game on phone

    Ideal Phones for Fortnite

    root |Nov 15 |1641 views

    Fortnite is an incredibly interesting but really intense and speedy game. It needs a proper phone to support all its features. When you are playing in a group of 100 players, ...

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