AndroidGo magazine is on sale!

    Gary Marshall |Oct 26 |35 views

    The new issue of AndroidGo magazine is on sale now! You can order a digital edition for tablets, smartphones, PocketMags and Kobo e-readers. Flick through our gallery above to see some of the highl...

    fortnite game on phone

    Ideal Phones for Fortnite

    root |Nov 15 |906 views

    Fortnite is an incredibly interesting but really intense and speedy game. It needs a proper phone to support all its features. When you are playing in a group of 100 players, ...

    android system installation

    Keeping Your Android Safe

    Alberto M. Sato |Nov 04 |742 views

    The latest security problem that appeared on Android devices proved that no matter how advanced your phone is, you still have to be careful. This is not the first breach in An...

    Ever Adventure gameplay

    10 Hot Autumn Games For Android

    root |Oct 12 |489 views

    Android gaming is evolving and improving every day. Today, there are thousands of available games of different genres, graphics quality, and control mechanisms. No matter what you prefer, there is ...

    Backup Your Data on Android Phone Properly

    Backup Your Data on Android Phone Properly

    root |Sep 30 |847 views

    This guidance is not only for Android smartphones but for all devices that run on the platform. Nowadays, it is required to back up all your devices. In another case, you can lose all the data you ...

    Android 10

    Android 10: New Design, New Logo, In-Built Machine Learning, and Much More

    root |Sep 29 |1530 views

    A new incredible release for all Android users was coming with a lot of exciting features! If you have not been following Android-related information, in early September, Google announced the relea...

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