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If you are a frequent hiker and want to know the direction you walk, you need this application. If you are fond of Feng Shui and it is important for you to determine the cardinal direction, you need this application. Compass is widely used during a building process to mark borders on the site, to measure vertical and horizontal lines on a map. It is used in military conditions. But mostly in our everyday life, it helps to learn the exact location and provide faultless navigation under different circumstances. Using this tool, you will find the way without difficulty.

This application is one of the most accurate and well-done virtual compasses you can find. It allows to calculate magnetic north and true north with use of GPS location coordinates or just through the network. It is possible to switch a compass needle between these two norths. You can copy the coordination you get and share the data with people who need this information. It is easy to view the location in a map.

You can download the app without any charge straight from a browser or using a special file manager app. Install it launching an APK file you have saved on your mobile device before and continue following the instructions on the screen. Without installation, you can use this app if you cancel restrictions set by default. You can do it in settings. In order to save charge of your battery, you should adjust the precision of a sensor and optimize the size of a display and resolutions. The app supports high definition.

You will definitely enjoy its intuitive interface. Controls are easy to use. Being designed in black color the app looks strict and impressive. All figures are comprehensive. On the screen there are minimum additional information, just a large circle with red and blue arrows showing the direction in accordance with true and magnetic north. On the top of the screen, you will find an icon for switching these two modes. When you use this application, you should hold your smartphone with its display up to the sky. Remember that a compass operated only when it is held horizontally. The traditional tool is made of magnetic needle attracted to polarity of the North Pole and floating along the circle with the scale with measures. It will stop and point the mark specifying the north, and that is enough to understand the other directions. Design of the map looks just the same. Even when you have GPS, a compass remains to be very important.


Download this accurate compass for free and get geographical bearings whenever you need it! This application is developed by Gabenative and has been constantly updated since its first release. The latest version has gained a lot of improvements providing well-done graphics and user-friendly interface. It shows the precise data being one of the most reliable compass available. You will find mostly positive reviews written by other users having tried it.


  • A lot of options which are really helpful;
  • Easy installation and comprehensive controls;
  • Precise performances.


  • There is an advertisement and request to evaluate its operation every time you close the app.


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