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Fortnite Battle Royal Review — Fortnite Says "Yes" to iOS

Probably raising the question "Which game is the coolest in the Battle Royale genre" is as wise as kicking the hornet nest. But beyond any doubt, Fortnite — available also on iOS and Android — has every right to be on the top in the Battle Royale game.

First of all because the gargantuan battles, that can include up to 100 players simultaneously, never fail to give a good dosage of adrenaline.

Thrill is inescapable in Fortnite: since the moment the battle begins, there's a special countdown steadily ticking. And by the course of time, when there's only a bunch of lucky survivors standing on their feet, the battle arena will narrows. Leaving them no other choice but clash for the last time.

This is the game, in which quickness of your mind, reaction and agility of your fingers mean everything. You must be the first to gather weapons, ammunition, heath-restoring kits, and building resources. You must be the first to erect an improvised bunker of timber and metal. You must be the first one to grab X-4 Stormwing and lay an ambush for the hostile group in the forest nearby...

And what's best, you can fight for the top ranks in the stats chart wherever you go. iOS Fortnite features only one mode: the Classic Battle Royale so far. But the rest of the content you cherish and enjoy so much has been left untouched.

It has the same smooth performance as it "cousins" from the big platforms. All original weaponry, vehicles and areas are present as well. And not to forget the dancing part — you still can savor the sweet taste of triumph with a couple of groovy, nifty-shnifty dance moves.

iOS Fortnite adaptation elegantly solves some of the issues that the mobile players could have encountered. First of all, there's a noise indicator, which monitors and shows you the loudness/direction of the footsteps someone else near you makes. This clever feature has been added for those, who can't use their earplugs in the office/school class etc. Yes, let's be honest, sometimes Fortnite can be more important than a biology lecture.<

Second, the mobile Fortnite has a smart algorithm of opponent pairing. Those who play it on their iOS devices will be matched with other mobile players. It's been done to prevent PC/Xbox/PS4 Fortniters from raveling in easy kills and unfair rating boosts. But it should be noted that cross-platform death matches are possible too: for that purpose there's a special multiplatform server, where you can join your friends playing on a computer/console in the Duo/Squad modes.


Fortnite for iOS managed to preserve all the key features this game is treasured for:  wide community, upbeat/dynamic gameplay, adorable sense of humor, weird types of weaponry, glitch-free gaming and tons, ton of fun. With the free-of-charge status on top of that.


  • No pay-to-win element;
  • 78 million players monthly;
  • Energetic gameplay;
  • Adequate pairing system;
  • Zero dollar price.


  • Limited number of modes;
  • Some cosmetic content can be purchased;
  • Controlling is hard without a joystick.


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