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Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers for mobile devices, and there are good reasons for such recognizing. It is reliable, fast, and safe. You will definitely enjoy its comprehensive, user-friendly interface, uncluttered layout, and a rich library of extensions. You will get quick links to sites which you visit frequently being able to download them in no time almost. Use Google Search when you want to find out more information about any subject. If you have found the needed website in a foreign language, you can understand it applying built-in Google Translate.

This smart application allows you to type less thanks to personalized search results. It means that when you start entering search terms, the app suggests autofill showing the possible endings of the word or even phrase. You will decrease the time for filling in forms. Moreover, it shows previously visited web pages.

Another very useful feature of this tool is Incognito mode providing you with anonymous and private browsing. It will not save your history. You can synchronize Chrome across various devices and see all your settings and bookmarks on any mobile gadget you use. The passwords also automatically remain.

Perhaps, you will notice that Chrome operates a little bit slower compared to Google Search, but it is much simpler requiring only one tap to access the content you like. There is also a stunning option “Tap to Search” which is available on most websites. Just tap on a word, and Google search starts looking for the information when you are in that very page. You can use Google Voice Search. Talk to your browser, ask questions, and get answers on the go. There is no need in typing a key phrase any longer.

If you are planning to be in the place where there is no access to the Internet, you are suggested to view web pages with any content on them offline. Just make a single tap and download what you want, including photos, videos, a webpage in the whole, and enjoy it later. Be sure that you will not navigate to dangerous resource because Google Chrome will warn you if it decides the content distrustful.

If you want to speed up all the above processes, we recommend you to use less mobile data turning on Lite mode. It means that the app will compress the content while the quality will be high anyway.


Google Chrome is very simple and efficient. By default, it does not provide tons of features. On the home page, you will see an address and search bar and navigation controls. You can download any extensions you want from the library, which is supposed to be the most important virtue of the browser. Enjoy smart personalized recommendations tailored to a user’s preferences.

There are some problems with privacy and RAM usage, but if you are ready to accept these moments, you will get a fantastic browser with a simple design, fast operation, the vast library of extensions, and diverse functionality. We recommend it without any doubt.


  • Solid cross-connectivity between devices;
  • Rich library of extensions;
  • Ease of use and simplicity of design;
  • High security.


  • Resource-hungry;
  • Privacy is not guaranteed.


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