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Google Home is a powerful, smart application which is able to help its user to manage Google Home and Chromecast devices at a distance.

It will provide you with the whole idea of how your house is arranged. You will get a view of the particular areas delivered by the camera, control all connected devices, organize lights and TVs, and do much more using only one tool. It will help you in the kitchen and making calls. In other words, this is a remote for plenty of smart devices. To perform the tasks, you should make a couple of taps only.

You will get shortcuts for the activities you are involved frequently, like switching the lights, playing music, watching a movie. Just a single tap should be done to launch the systems in the needed mode. Get it faster with Google Home! It is simple to create routines allowing you to make usual things like checking the weather and listening to the news. You are suggested to execute one simple action to access the information.

Google Assistant is really very smart thanks to natural language and common context with Google. It can connect you with Google Search and other services directly being able to answer your questions accurately. It provides with brilliant sounding when it plays music or movies. You will get a completely new smart home.

Launching the app, you will get a suggestion screen and dashboard, allowing you to manage all compatible and connected devices. Here you will find a useful search feature, which is mostly applied to find YouTube video or your favorite movies and TV shows. This application is a real must-have if you have the above-mentioned hardware.

And now to finish off, we would speak about its weak points. It can be regarded as frustration that there are so many functions which you will find in the app, but you will hardly know about them unless you take your time to read the tutorial thoughtfully. The point is that they are not tracked down easily. Just scroll down the Discover section. You will see so many apps, which can be integrated with Google Home, but you do not know why should you do it. The app suggests a lot of ways to find programming working with Chromecast. Are you sure you will need all of them?

But there are really useful things like a slide-out menu with its Devices section where you can see the settings for the connected hardware. There is a Guest mode which should be enabled if you need someone get access to your home without using your Wi-Fi network. And there are much more in addition. In other words, to take the most of this application, you should go really deep.


You can compare Google Home with Amazon's Echo, but we would say it is more intelligent. The app is full of virtues. You can make your daily life more comfortable and performance of routine easier.

Summarizing, you can use the Google Home app if you want to set up Google Home devices. There are plenty of them, including Google Home Mini and Max, Google Nest Hub. Then, you can set up Chromecast devices like Chromecast Audio and TVs. Manage plenty of home systems, including cameras. The developer offers new content with helpful features from time to time. Benefit from this software and its functionality to the most extent!


  • Strong customization;
  • Responsive voice controls;
  • Reliable virtual support of smart devices.


  • Poor sounding.


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