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Google Play Games is a simple application that was created by Google for people who want to track their in-game progress and look through the list of achievements they earned while playing games. Besides, Google Play Games allows you to find the game you like swiftly. You can also play some games without downloading them with the help of the "Instant Play" feature. Users can download Google Play Games only for the Android platform.

What Are Google Play Games Features?

After you start Google Play Games, you will be able to see the main page of the app. At the top left corner, you can find the "Search" button that will help you to find the game you might be interested in. The page also provides you with "Top Three Instant Plays" games. Players can play those games without installing them on their devices.

If you go to the "Library" page, you will see the built-in games. Below that section, you will be able to see all the games you have ever installed on your device. If you go to the "Hub," the app will provide you with recent news about different games. The last page allows you to see the detailed information about your profile. You can see how many achievements you have earned. In addition, you can search for nicknames and add people to your friend's list.

Google Play Games Usability

Most of the time, the application works nicely. It provides users with the promised content. There are many people who left positive feedback. However, some users experience different issues with the application. For example, the app removes all the save files, so you have to replay the game from the beginning. In addition, sometimes, the application can reset your achievements. Nevertheless, you will be able to contact the support in order to fix these issues.


We recommend you to download Google Play Games because it is a nice application that will help you to track your in-game progress. In fact, a lot of games won't start unless you have Google Play Games application installed on your device. Developers regularly update the app and add their new features. Thank you for reading this Google Play Games app review. 

  • Free to play
  • Intuitive controls
  • Great graphics
  • Faithfully similar to the version on other platforms.
  • Lacking sound quality
  • Sometimes difficult to maneuver the controls.

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