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GuitarTuna is an application developed to set 15 different musical instruments to a specific pitch. You can use it for bass, guitar, ukulele, and other strings. There are over 100 tunings which help you to perform the task in the most accurate and fast way. Here you’ll also find a chromatic tuner and chord. Being so packed with useful features and working faultlessly it has become the most downloaded tuner app. This is the choice of beginners and experts.

Being simple to use, it allows to tune with a built-in microphone without any cables, and that is very convenient especially for guitar teachers. The interface is intuitive. You will feel rather confident in coping with all suggested options. You can see clear visual feedback and create a signal history. In the app, award-winning audio technology is applied to allow to build on the present-day audio recognition algorithm. If you want to make it even easier, just turn on an auto mode and get split-second tuning without any efforts for your part. Another useful thing is noise cancellation technology allowing working in noisy areas.

The app includes additional useful tools which musicians will appreciate. A metronome helps to set at the needed tempo and change the speed of the beat with high accuracy. You can even make a learning process full of fun suggesting various games. In a playful way students practice chords recognizing them by ear and master their skills. In chord library, there are chord diagrams which can be used to test your sound comprehension. It allows to learn four guitar songs with tabs to play along – efficient training. In addition, with this application, you’ll get alternative tuning sets, a chromatic tuner.

It is so easy to use. You should just download the app, make it on and start playing meaning pulling a string. Tuna hears the sound through your mobile device’s microphone and provides visual feedback on the screen. You can be sure that a tuning result is utmost accurate and the background noises do not interfere in your tuning.


Guitar tuner is designed by guitarists that is why it meets all guitarists’ needs and desires. Leading audio engineers were involved into the project. As a result, we have a perfect tool for improving skills in riffs, chords, and ear training. This is a meaningful alternative to guitar classes. You can even choose different headstock visuals. In order to get a grasp on all its options and tune instruments carefully, watch a tutorial and study the principles so that you could avoid snapping strings with wrong tuning techniques.


  • Full of various tunings;
  • Support 5-, 7- and 12-string guitars;
  • Developed by professional musicians and advanced audio engineers;
  • It provides a congratulatory sound.


  • None of them.


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