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Apple Music is a streaming music service. You can compare it with other similar resources like Spotify, but there are peculiarities, of course. The most apparent special feature is its focus on human curation. Though you are suggested a lot of automatic functions, but still, it can be easily set in accordance with your interests. Here you will also be offered various music videos with documentary information, which you will not find on other platforms and that is a competitive position. And we would also mention that most content here is done by the editors of Apple Music. This is another unique option – availability of Apple Music's 24/7 live radio station, known as Beats 1.

The app suggests over 50 million songs, and that is a huge amount really. You can listen to the music endlessly here without being bored with the same set of favorites. Try it, extend boundaries, and discover new gems. It delivers integration with your existing iCloud Music Library, that is why the collection can be even richer. You will have everything you have from iTunes and Apple Music in one location. Save your favorites in the iCloud Music Library to get it within reach at any moment.

Here the content can be streamed, or you can download it and listen to it offline when you have no access to the Internet. Choose between radio stations based on the preferable genre. Enjoy Beats 1 Radio which is so popular among users.

This app provides unlimited access to Apple Music songs on demand and allows to create personalized algorithmic, curated, mood-based playlists or those which are made by a user manually. Plenty of options is the best way to adjust the app to your needs. All those playlists, as well as music, can be synchronized across all devices compatible with Apple Music.

There are so many options which are updated every day. You can make a favorites mix or a friend’s mix. Select only new music or that which is able to chill you up. Find exclusive album releases within this app.

You will easily benefit from all the above because Apple Music is rather simple. Design is oriented on the convenient usage. The app can boast of a comprehensive interface. It is divided into five areas. In order to access any of them, you should tap a correspondent icon located at the bottom of the home page. There are also buttons at the top of an iTunes screen which are useful for fast navigation. Apple provides you with tools making all processes here simple and smart at the same time. The app learns what a user likes listening to and finds the appropriate content.


Anyway, there are a lot of pleasant surprises which make you decide in favor of this application when you make your choice comparing it with analogues. There is even the For You section collecting the music which Apple thinks you will enjoy. It cares about its users. And that is good news definitely. The design of the app is developed in such a way that you think that there is always something interesting here.


  • Different from other music services;
  • There is a free trial for three months;
  • It provides connection with your favorite musicians.


  •  iCloud integration is not smooth.


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