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Kik is a simple yet functional messenger which provides you with all the essential features for fun and reliable communication. Messengers are not only about texting, not anymore. People need stickers, GIFs, video chats, etc. And Kik manages to keep up with the demand and let the users enjoy every conversation they have.

Kik’s simplicity resembles that good old ICQ messenger, but with some bells and whistles required for 2017. Stickers are not the strongest part of this app, though. There are plenty of them, describing all kind of emotions and situations, but they seem a bit dull compared to those in Telegram, for example.

Kik also includes a meme generator where you can create some old school memes with Sean Bean as Boromir or Grumpy Cat. Maybe in some universe, they are still funny, who knows. Of course, you can use external resources as well sending pictures from your gallery or Google Photos.

The Sketch feature allows you to draw the reply instead of typing it, so it might be a good way to practice your skills before stepping up and post your drawings on Tumblr. This feature seems rare, but I doubt it’ll be the main reason for you to install the app — typing “what’s up” is much faster than drawing “hi” with one finger.

Number as a login is not obligatory. You can as well use a nickname and invite only the people you really want to chat with instead of having all your contact list imported to the app.

Kik also provides a built-in web browser so that you don’t have to leave the messenger to go to the link someone sent you. The browser is lightweight and works pretty fast.

Video chat feature is pretty good. You can have group calls with up to 5 people and use gestures like swiping left to easily switch to full-screen. It also includes video chat stickers which are goofy enough to have fun with your friends.

The downside of the app is that it doesn’t have voice messages that are already a common feature for most messengers. And there is no option to scheduled muting too.


Overall, it’s a great messenger if you need pure texting. It proposes it for free, as much as you can type. And you can join or create groups where you can discuss anything.

So, we get an old school messenger for texting with pleasant extras like video chat, stickers, sketches, and group chats, but unfortunately without voice messages and scheduled muting. It’s fast, simple and works even with the slow Internet connection that can be a real salvation sometimes.


  • Good at pure texting;
  • Built-in browser;
  • The Sketch feature;
  • Easy to add new people;
  • The phone number is not necessary to sign up.


  • Dull sticker store;
  • No voice messages;
  • No schedule muting.


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