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Now you have a powerful magnifier on your mobile device. Download this free application to take advantages of its features which suggest much more in addition to zooming. It provides you with a tool enlarging a text, image and any object when you look at it through the camera of your smartphone. This is a very useful thing when you have to read prescriptions or recipes print in very small font. You do not need to have any other tools with you, just your mobile device with standard memory capabilities. The app is able to magnify a text many times over allowing you to read it without difficulties. There are other similar applications, but this one is still unique because it offers a flashlight based on LED Torch Light. It is very handy. Stabilizer compensates any shaky movements and helps to read a lot. And that is not all. Be ready to get access to a restaurant menu reader and a prescription bottle reader – extremely useful features for those who prefer having dinner in a nice cafe or buy medicines rather often. Sometimes there is a need in reading the details of your device on its back written in the tiniest letters. In many cases that small print is very difficult to read. Take your smartphone out and turn on the magnifier. You can change the degree of zooming from 1.0X to 5.0X. In order to provide the most convenient conditions for reading, you can apply a high contrast mode. Make pictures of the text and save them in your library in order to have an evidence with needed details within touch. This is your lifestyle – to be ready for any situations during a day and overcome them easily without being in panic and frustrations. You can arrange a trouble-free environment and have fun of everything you do refusing those sticky cases when you cannot cope with those tiny prints on labels in the shops or menu items. The application is continuously improved and the latest versions are available without bugs and with better performance. Moreover, you can find in-app purchases with enhanced options.


We should confess this is the best Magnifying Glass App in 2019 coming with light and being rather simple. It delivers additional features which are of help in your everyday life. Enjoy all-in-one! You will read a prescription and information printed on packages of the drugs, restaurant menu, and other details without efforts. This tool is more useful than you can consider. If you have managed to do without it until today, just try, and you will understand the difference. Even if you can boast of strong eyes, there can be so small print or detail which demands magnifying. With this app, you can watch identifications, make repairs, do anything that needs to have the particular sharp vision and you cannot afford it. Avoid awkward situations and get the exact data without mistakes.


  • Handy tool with plenty of useful options;
  • Variants of zooming;
  • Saving in the library is available.


  • Navigation can be confusing a little bit;
  • A lot of ads popping up in the full-screen format.


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