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Move to iOS is an application allowing to send the content from device working on Android OS to iOS without loss of quality and other difficulties. Operation is carried out automatically and in no time. You will certainly appreciate the simplicity of the procedure.

Competition between Android and iOS is a clash of titans. These two operating systems are both efficient and full of powerful functionality. Though, both developers do not always compete with each other but also hit it off in some segments of the market. When it comes to choosing one of them, a user compares the options and stability of operation. But still the opinions vary, and the evidence is not clear as to the winner in this racing. That is why there are a lot of mobile devices with both systems, and sometimes there is a need to transfer files from one to another.

The iOS is famous for its easy design so you can count that such an option as switching to it will be simple and fast. If you are going to change your smartphone, you can transfer contacts, message history, web bookmarks, videos and photos, mail addresses, calendars with all events. It will take just a couple of minutes and several steps. You are offered to transfer this content from Android smartphone to iOs application first and do it automatically. The operation is completely secure. You can refuse saving the information somewhere for security before you take it away from Android – there is no an intermediary stage.

How does it work? Choose the option “Migrate your data” on your device with iOS. It will create a private Wi-Fi network looking for Android device located nearby, and suggest you to confirm “Move to iOS”. You are expected to enter a security code. Now the app starts working and transfers the content to the destination. The process is simple enough, isn’t it? Even your mail account will be set up on iOS as a default. Now everything is ready, and you can use an iPhone with all content you get used to. Mind that you are suggested a list of data to choose a part you want to copy. You do not have to transfer all information saved on Android. After completion on the screen you will see notification proving that the task has been done.

Unfortunately, some Android users meet this application with annoyance because they do not want to change their favorite device and why someone decides that such an application can be of need. This is a matter of preferences.


You can regard this new application as an attempt of Apple to attract as many

Android users as possible. What should be done to reach the desired result? It will be wise to provide an easy and fast way to switch to iOS. What are you waiting for? It will take you just a couple of seconds to change your device without losing your contacts and the information you may need. And such care is efficient! There is no bunch of stuff which is usually required for such operations. You just jump over to new operating system and enjoy your new smartphone with existing content.


  • Fast and trouble-free switching;
  • High security of the operation;
  • No need in additional services or application.


  • Bugs are possible.


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