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Shazam is well-known and quite popular music apps which can be used for free. It helps a listener to enjoy new songs everywhere he goes. When you hear the music, you will get information about a musician regardless of the source of that composition. You can search for a song and tag it when you come across interesting content. You are offered to view related music, read the lyrics, find out the upcoming concerts of that performer, and much more. It is easy to tag music by tapping a button, or applying AUTO option and the app will do it automatically. It continues working under the conditions of a locked device and switching to a different app working simultaneously. In Auto mode, you are allowed to setup Shazam so that it could notify you about tagging the songs you are listening to.

There are useful features that make the app even more convenient and in a class by itself. It shows a map with tags made by other users. And you will see those who are near you. Some songs are supported with lyrics displayed in real time. There are no restrictions for you how to play the tagged song: just a small portion of it or all tagged content continuously.

The app specifies the time of a tag for every found song, also your location can be shown to you meaning that the app is able to display a place where you were at the time the particular song is tagged. It also suggests the links to a YouTube video with a tagged song. The smart software recommends tracks similar to those you choose, and you can try that music. You will know everything about artists as far as their full biography and discography are added to your Shazam tag list.

The app provides charts section where you can find the most popular songs both in the US and in the world, trending tags in different genres. You can get needed information about upcoming concerts which are arranged at any location next to the place where you are located at the moment. You can buy tickets without any problems.

There are a lot of ways to open tagged music. It is up to you to decide whether it should be Google Play Music, or Beats Music. Spotify is also allowed. You can use a new radio station in iTunes. It is easy to share the tagged music through social media and other apps. It is possible to get access to the tagged music if you log in to Shazam using a computer. All features are available in this format.


After using Shazam, you will agree that it is a beneficial music application. If you want to get the lyrics, you do not have to interrupt your activity whatever you do at the moment – the app does it instead of you. When you are free, just launch the app clicking the Shazam button, and you see the song in no time.


  • Clear interface and navigation;
  • Compatible with a lot of popular devices;
  • Displays lyrics when a song is played;
  • Create a list of all tags made before;
  • There are no ads.


  • Sometimes it is not as fast as you would like.


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