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SoundCloud is one of the most powerful apps for listening to music by both famous artists and independent ones who launch their careers by sharing own tracks on this platform. It’s also a perfect place to start off if you want to try to be more adventurous in your music tastes.

The SoundCloud app is simple and easy to use. You just browse around the interface and find artists, by name, genre and various other systems. It provides you with all kinds of music from hip hop to classical. Plus, you can even find audiobooks there.

SoundCloud offers fresh and exciting tracks which you might have never heard before. And it lets you explore them in the best possible way.

SoundCloud has its recognizable orange layout which looks both simple and stylish. However, the design here is rather for functionality than style. It offers an effective way to find the music you want and enjoy your time listening to it. As a true music fan, you can easily personalize your account as the app allows for favoring specific artists and playlists you love.

Plus, there is an option to subscribe to various artist’s channels, create playlists, and connect with your friends and favorite artists. It allows you to make the whole experience more personalized and friendly.

Soundcloud encourages artists and music lovers to help each other in a way by letting artists promote themselves and listeners enjoy new music and give artists their recognition.

SoundCloud is free to download, you don’t have to pay for anything using the app. You just might decide to buy from some artists if you liked their music much.


SoundCloud is an excellent app for listening to music on the go and creating your own playlists. It’s a vibrant music hotspot which attracts both big artists who aim to promote their albums and expand their audience to budding artists who are looking to break into the top charts.

This app is a great tool to host, find and share music which might never be discovered anywhere else. SoundCloud provides beginners with a chance to raise their profile and become more prominent.

It makes it easy and effective to get access to the new and perspective artists.


  • Ability to personalize the app according to your tastes;
  • Easy to discover new artists;
  • A great chance for the beginners to be heard by wide audience;
  • Cool sharing functionality.


  • Using SoundCloud as an artist isn't free;
  • No changes allowed once you uploaded a track.


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