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Telegram is an excellent instant messaging app which allows you to get in touch with your family, friends and colleagues whenever you want. It is highly convenient and worth checking out. Keep reading if you want to find out what makes Telegram stand out from the vast variety of IM apps.

First of all, Telegram is simple and straightforward: this app doesn’t have any unneeded and distracting features. Instead, it provides you with pure communication. You can have one-on-one conversations as well as create the groups with up to 10,000 members, which is going to be enough even for the biggest offices and communities. No other messenger allows to communicate with such a large number of users at the same time. The developers did a great job polishing the app’s features making them close to perfection.

Second, the Telegram app makes your privacy a priority, protecting your messages by the latest encryption standards. Even the media files you share via Telegram are encrypted so that your data remain strictly confidential.

Telegram is also one of the fastest IM apps on the market. Your messages will be sent even with the very slow Internet connection thanks to the effective technology, which converts them into bytes. This way, the app needs less traffic to transfer data, which makes it more reliable.

Another cool feature is the ability to edit and delete messages even after they are sent. Moreover, you can delete them from the respondent’s phone if you tick the box appeared on the screen after you tap the delete button.

There is also a vast variety of GIFs and stickers built into Telegram which you can easily find and add to your collection. It goes without saying that each message, sticker and GIF is instantly synced on every device you use. Thanks to the Draft feature you can leave a message mid-sentence, restart the app and carry on typing right where you left off. In addition, all of your files are stored online so that you can view them without downloading.

For those who are concerned about their privacy, Telegram also offers the Secret Chat mode that provides extra protection. If you turn it on, all your messages and media files will erase themselves in a particular amount of time after you sent them. The content will be erased not only on your own smartphone but also on the device of your respondent and the Telegram servers. This means no one will have access to your messages and files after they’ve been deleted.

Telegram is a free app, and it doesn’t offer any in-app purchases. What’s more, it’s not ad-supported, so you don’t have to deal with all annoying and often distracting ads.


Telegram became one of the best messengers in the current market by offering a high-quality user experience, which is also secure and free. It features simple user interface and unique functions like large chat groups and the Secret chat mode with extra protection.

Telegram allows you to deliver instant messaging even with the slow Internet connection, which keeps you in touch with your friends wherever you are.


  • Group chats for up to 10,000 people;
  • The Secret Chat mode
  • The latest encryption standards;
  • Ability to edit and delete already sent messages;
  • Works with the slow Internet connection;
  • Chats are automatically synced between all your devices.


  • No video calls.


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