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Every day we need to know the temperature around us being in the premises, out of doors, planning a trip or traveling. The simplest way to do it is an electronic thermometer. This application provides you with a digital tool with such a purpose intended for temperature measuring. It is designed in a traditional manner showing figures on the screen. You will not see a sealed tube made of glass with “mercury” inside showing performance on a scale. Here everything is much easier and evident. On bright-green display there are two types of data: in and out temperature. Below you will see three buttons. “Forecast” provides you with information about the coming seven days.

The temperature will be suggested in the morning, afternoon, and evening. You can activate settings and adjust the app to your preferences like choosing temperature unit style among Celsius and Fahrenheit selection.

How does this application work? It functions in two manners. In order to measure the inside temperature in the room you are located at the moment, you should have a device with a particular measuring transductor. But in fact, there are just a few models of smartphones, which are equipped with such function. So, you have to leave the device in the room for one hour in the sleeping mode in order to get accurate data. Though, the app starts automatically showing in room temperature and the temperature of your location. This measure software offers real-time indoor temperature information.

In order to find out the external temperature, you should reach the weather forecasting online services. If you want to do that, you should have an Internet connection. When the app is downloaded you should enter the address where you are located at, so that the app can determine your geographical data and determine outdoor temperature. As a default, you get the results in Celsius scale, but in settings, you can change it to Fahrenheit, if this scale is more convenient for you. There are a lot of other features. You can make a forecast for the next 7 days under the conditions of access to the Internet. In addition to the temperature, you can find out the level of humidity.

The application is free, and you can count on customer support if there are some difficulties with it.


If you care of an exact temperature index which you can get on the go in no time almost, you are highly recommended to download this application. You will make a temperature checker from your mobile device. It will show real-time data, and you feel just as the suggested temperature should be felt. You can connect a digital thermometer app with an external Bluetooth thermometer device and get the local information without efforts. If needed, history records are available. Arrange the life around you in a convenient way!


  • Simple interface designed in an elegant manner;
  • Different thermometer styles are available.


  • Inner results still can be exceeded sometimes.


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