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Video sharing services are quite common today and each one brings its own features to the table. While some focus solely on sharing videos, others offer download options for their videos. But what they all have in common is a very basic amount of privacy control functions. Yes, you might come across the 18 years and over control, but apart from that, there isn't anything stopping you or others from uploading and viewing anything online. That's where VidMe comes in. Here is an app that looked at its competitors and decided to take the opposite path. Instead of focusing on video sharing, VidMe offers privacy control like no other video sharing service.

The app has three major features that stand out from the rest. Firstly, you can share videos privately with whoever you choose and not with any and every one. Secondly, once a video is shared, you can monitor and check who is accessing your videos. Lastly, VidMe lets you instantly remove anyone's access of your videos within seconds. Apart from that, you can set certain expiry dates so that your video will automatically be removed when it reaches its expiration date. While most services let you remove access for everyone, VidMe lets you block specific viewers from gaining access to your videos.

All the settings can be customized to your liking and can be changed at any time. With so much on offer, it is only obvious that VidMe is not free to use app. Once you sign up, you will be rewarded with 50 credits. Every uploaded video costs 1 credit and once your credits run out, you can purchase more. Sharing videos on other services is as easy as sending it through any social media platform or email, but on VidMe, privacy is key. Therefore, in order to receive a video from a VidMe user, you must have an account with the service as well.

The app is quite useful for some users like those who wish to keep their content private at all times. Teachers, video game creators, and journalists can use the service without having to worry about their work leaking out into the free online world. But for others, there might be issues. While the privacy part of the service is absolutely incredible, there are a few points that could make it difficult for VidMe to rise above its competition, or at least, to put up a decent fight.


There is so much video content online today that it is absolutely impossible to have a single service that offers you everything you need. VidMe tries to do just that in the best way it can. Through the service, you can catch up on all your favorite videos and share your favorites with others, both privately as well as freely. But, putting so much emphasis on the privacy part of video sharing could do more harm than good for VidMe. Yes, you can customize your sharing preferences and set expiry dates to your uploaded videos, but you still have to pay for the features - something most users look away from. Even receiving videos is something that needs to be paid for which makes choosing VidMe extremely difficult.


  • Complete privacy while sharing videos;
  • Provide or remove access for anyone;
  • Share videos with who you want securely;
  • Monitor who accesses your videos;
  • Customizable settings.


  • Not a free to use service;
  • Credits need to be purchased;
  • Receivers need to have a VidMe account as well.


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